A Project

I have learned something about myself.

I am better and more motivated by projects and deadlines than by routines and habits.

So, although I do love writing my blog, it’s a routine. Writing the first draft of my book, Imaginary Basketball, however, was much more exciting and fulfilling. I didn’t give myself a deadline in the form of a due date, but I did have an end in sight.

My world as a performer is very much built like this, a series of projects. Audition, gig, performance, rinse and repeat.

I’m taking a temporary hiatus from blogging to focus on a project.

You may remember that I recently won an award. No big deal, just Vocalist of the Decade on BroadwayWorld Santa Barbara.

I will not stop writing, but I want to ride the momentum of my win in my performing career. So, I have partnered with a local theater company to do a virtual concert next month! I’m not going to start promoting it until they do, but when they do, I will certainly share it here.

Here’s to the next project!

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