Fitness Friday: Energy Management

I’m writing this about two weeks before it will publish. So, when I say “today” I don’t neccesarily mean “today.”

Sleep Struggles

I did something today that I haven’t done for a long time–I got up early.

For most of the pandemic, my body did not want to get out of bed before 10am. No matter how how early I got in bed, even 9pm, I would still be too fatigued the next morning to rise before 10.

I have exercised nine out of the last eleven days. And I think that is the reason I have been able to get up at 7:20am.

Energy for my passion

Exercise has improved my writing, too. Perhaps not my writing itself, but it has helped me have the energy to write. Several weeks ago I noticed that I was giving so much energy to my job that it felt like I had none left for my other pursuits.

Someone in a mental health group I’m a part of pointed out that although it seems counter-intuitive, exercise is how to get more energy. Ever since following my exercise plan, I am writing regularly.

Even though I devote an hour a day–most days– to exercise, I feel like I have even more time. I sleep better and have more energy for the things I love.


What do you wish you had more energy for?

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