Writing Wednesday: Rituals, 2

I have some rituals that I don’t really even think about.

Singing ritual

If I’m going to practice singing, I usually start by gathering my things:

Music Books/Sheet Music
Hair tie

I like to be wearing something comfortable, but more structured than pajamas. If I’m working on an audition piece or one for a gig, I will often put on the shoes that I’ll be wearing for that performance.

I rehearse near my piano, mirror, and music stand.

I start by vocalizing in non-singing ways such as sighing, humming, and calling while moving through positions that allow my neck and shoulders to be relaxed. These positions are usually child’s pose, tabletop, forward fold, etc.

I transition into singing scales and notes, with specific focus on what kinds of sound I will need for the piece I’m preparing. Then I might work on a warm up from my Lutgen book.

Exercise Ritual

I check my workout plan to see what activities I’ll be doing.

Then I get dressed. And I start getting dressed by taking off my spectacles. I put on a sports bra, leggings, t-shirt, and maybe a jacket. Maybe shades. If I’m starting with barre, I will put on ballet shoes. Otherwise, socks and sneakers. Then, like with singing, I gather my things.

I put my hair in a ponytail, and I usually put on a little sunscreen. If it’s especially sunny, I’ll wear a visor.


I open a few apps on my phone: documents, podcast, and fitness tracker. Document to review my workout plan, podcast to listen to while I exercise, and the fitness tracker to keep time and mileage.

What can I learn about these rituals and how can I apply it to creating a writing ritual?


Gather the stuff I need. For writing that could be:

  • Computer
  • Tea
  • Water
  • Notebook
  • Pen


Wear the right stuff.

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Slippers or socks
  • Layers to add or shed
  • Don’t wear jewelry, especially on my hands


A place to focus on writing.

  • Put my phone away
  • Have plenty of light
  • Ambient noise or silence
  • Keep it tidy

Warm Up

Both my singing and workout routines start with a warm up.

I wonder how I can warm up for writing? Any ideas?


I didn’t go into my first at-home singing session with water. I would get dry and thirsty practicing and have to go get some. Eventually, I developed the habit of getting myself water ahead of time.

So, as I’m practicing a writing habit, I will start to notice what I need.


Have you learned anything from your own rituals?

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