Fitness Friday: Tight Hamstrings

I have tight hamstrings. Especially my right hamstring. I call it my driving leg. I first noticed the tightness when I was commuting an hour each way for two plays I was in over a summer. My right leg would be extra sore. Eventually, I felt soreness in my lower back in the right side. Then, in ballet class, I noticed that my right leg was less flexible than my left.


So I started stretching it out. It didn’t help. Any time I used my leg muscles, my right hamstring would be sore and tight. The way I found the most relief was by rolling out my muscles immediately after exercise.

Then, I saw this video recommendation on my YouTube feed. The channel called Redefining Strength is hosted by a strong, beautiful woman. She said not to stretch for tight hamstrings. So. . . what should I do?


Strengthen my glutes. I have booty workouts in my plan. Even though I say it’s for core strength and help dancing, it’s also partly because I’m insecure tht my booty gets a little flatter every year.

I don’t want to care about my appearance that much. I continue to work on that. But booty-strengthening has lots of benefits. It can help your other muscles be more efficient. It can save your hamstrings, lower back, and hip flexors from strain. It can counteract the effects of long-term sitting and driving. And, yes, strong glutes are important for dancing.


As I’m writing this, my workout plan consists of mostly running and stretching. So, on my run, I focused on letting my glutes muscles work and allowing my hip flexors and hamstrings to relax. I finished the run feeling a good fatigue in my glutes.

Tomorrow I will have a barre warm up, and that’s a great time to use my glutes. Turn out requires booty strength.


What muscle tightness ails you?

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