Day off/Off Day

Day off

Today is my day off from my muggle job.

I like my job. But, as my twitter bio states, I am a displaced singer/actor, an aspiring writer, and a professional earner of less than I’m worth.

I know I’m not special, but I still think I am

I still believe in the version of the American Dream that was sold to millenials–I’m special and I have something special to offer the world. Once the world sees it, I will be successful! But, I also have realism. We are all trying to share and perform for one another. Not everyone gets to do it full-time.

I didn’t do any writing yesterday. Wednesday is supposed to be the day I work on freelancing. I didn’t do it. I have that freelancing course bundle from The Write Life–I could work my way through those courses if I’m stuck.

But yesterday I worked a long day, still managed to exercise. Then my housemates and I had a game night. We stayed up too late having fun. Then I spent a good two hours doom-scrolling.

I don’t know how to balance realism with hope as I watch the news. I let it keep me up too late.

Off Day

So today is moving slowly. I’m supposed to sing and exercise and meal prep and catch up on writing and maybe at some point actually enjoy my day off.

I just re-watched Julie & Julia. Julie Powell lived the dream I’m looking for, right? She wrote a blog that became a book that became a movie.

The good: Watching Meryl Streep play Julia Child is so inspiring. Watching someone start a blog that becomes a book that becomes a movie starring Meryl Streep. Also, Meryl Streep as Julie Child reminds me of my voice teacher. And Stanley Tucci reminds me of my favorite acting teacher.

The bad: Pretty much any scene that Meryl Streep isn’t in. The writing, in particular, is weak on those scenes. Sorry Nora Ephron. I also don’t love the whiny characterization. Sorry, Amy Adams. I’m sure Amy and Nora are just devastated that this unknown blogger is commenting on a movie that came out fifteen years ago.

I do find both women, Julie and Julia, inspiring. But I couldn’t help but notice things that the two of them have that I do not. First, they both have a supportive, loving husband. Second, they both have more disposable income than I do. No way could I afford to buy all the ingredients to master the art of French cooking. And, of course, Julia Child’s husband was a diplomat.

It’s neat that Julie and Julie both get book deals, but other than that, it’s not much of a

The Rest of the Story

Wow. So, Julie Powell wrote another book “Cleaving,” which is her learning to butcher while also having and recovering from an extra-marital affair. Maybe I won’t read her book.

And, you know what? I wrote a novel that I (very poorly) self-published in college. I wrote a non-fiction book on something I’m an expert in. I’m going places. I like myself.

Okay. I told myself I’d finish this post up and watch Once Upon a Time while I do my laundry. Instead, I went down a Julie Powell rabbit hole. Next time I’ll go down a Julia Child rabbit hole. Less depressing.

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