Writing Wednesday: Rituals

Dress for success?

Do you remember The FlyLady? In her morning routine she wants you to get dressed to your shoes. If you don’t wear shoes in the house, then she wants you to get a pair just for indoors. She says that when we are dressed to work, we are ready for work. She has a story about wearing high heels while making Mary Kay sales over the phone.

I’m working from home right now. It’s easy to work in my pajamas. Then it became easy to do Zoom meetings in my sweats. It’s easy to just shove untidiness out of the view of the camera . . . you get it.

I have a feeling that should dress for work even if I’m just at home. Like the ritual of it will put me in a better headspace to work.

Creating an environment

In fact, I know a teacher who, during distance learning, goes on a drive before he logs in to teach his zoom class. A ritual to transition from home to work even when home is work.

I . . . don’t do that.

But I would like to develop a writing ritual.

I’ve been pondering how to manage my energy so that I am not too tired to write. For a couple nights in a row, I was staying up until the wee hours of the morning writing. Even though I felt guilty at first, I decided it was a good thing. I said I wanted to have energy to write, and I found that energy, even if it happened after midnight. Sacrificing sleep for writing is a lot more awesome than sacrificing sleep for scrolling on Facebook.

Do you ever get so into a project that you forget to eat? When I was a teenager, I liked to compose music. Composing projects could easily make me forget to eat. Same concept as writing late into the night, right?

In my ideal world, writing would be my 9-5. So, I’m trying to put in decent time as a side hustle. Right now, inspiration is striking. But I want to create a routine that gets me into that headspace on a regular basis.


I haven’t developed anything, but here are some ideas:

  • Tidy up my desk
  • Have some tea nearby
  • Plug in my phone away from my desk
  • turn on an ambient YouTube video on my TV, like “Ambient Cafe” or “Ambient Book Shop”


What are some of the rituals in your life?

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