Fitness Friday: The Plan


When it comes to making a workout plan, one obstacle is that as I progress, the workouts take longer.

For example, if I want to run t wo miles a day this week, then three miles next week, then four miles the following week. My workout time would increase by about twenty minutes.

So, I have created a workout plan that takes about an hour each time, but the intensity increases. That way, I always set aside an hour for my workout. As I develop a habit, dedicating the same amount of time on a regular basis to exercise will help me find consistency.


I wrote last week about how much I love running. Cardio is good, and I like how it feels when my heart and lungs are strong from consistent cardio.

I also like to be strong. I don’t get as much of an immediate jolt of endorphins, but I do like the feeling of soreness after a good strength training session.

For posture and dancing, I want to strengthen my core. So, I include workouts that specifically target my abs and my glutes.

Finally, every work out includes a cooldown stretch. Since I want to improve my dance skills, strength and flexibility are important things for me to work on.

My Goals and Habits

I want to get to a general weekly routine that involves, cardio, high intensity intervals, strength training, and stretching.

I want to work out three or four times a week. And I especially don’t want to go more than two days in a row without exercise.

As of right now, I am tentatively planning on making sure I exercise every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

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