Writing Wednesday: Lonely Pursuit

One Project Down

I have finished the first draft of my non-fiction book, “Imaginary Basketball.” And I need space from it. I have sent it to a few people to read and give me feedback. I even started to read it for revision myself. But after two chapters, I needed to put it down.

Writing in Isolation

Writing can be a lonely pursuit. But when I’m in the throes of a project, I feel a connection to my imaginary audience. And I was excited to share the initial drafts with some people. However, now it’s a bit of a waiting game until my readers finish and respond.

Writing is lonely, but it’s fulfilling to me. It’s measurable in a way that some art isn’t. You can count your words.

I’ve been telling my friends how excited I am about this book. I am very pleased with how good of a teacher I was to come up with this method.


But now that my work is available to be read, even if only by a few people, I am feeling vulnerable. My world was shaken two years ago, and I have felt a little extra sensitive ever since. Yes, as an artist and a creator, there’s always the insecurity that what I’m offering the world will be unappreciated.

Why am I using a euphemism? I’m insecure that I’m a hack. That my work is utter garbage.

I love writing, but I thrive on theater. I think the difference is the human connection. It’s why I am more excited about doing a play than doing a movie. It’s why I am not trying to become a YouTube star during the pandemic–not enough connection.

Where to go next

So, I’m between projects. I’m not quite ready to start re-writes on “Imaginary Basketball.” I’m enjoying blogging, and I am in a decent routine with it. What I’d really like is to further my writing career. So, I am going to start trying to take steps toward freelancing.

I’ve heard good things about publishing articles on Medium.com and Vocal.com. I could always refine a few evergreen (writer buzzword) articles there, then have them as writing samples for pitching to publications. I started my research a few months ago of publications to pitch to.


Do you struggle with too many ideas or too few? What is it like?

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