Introducing Fitness Friday

I know it’s Christmas, but it’s also Friday, and I am excited about this new feature of my blog.

A Secret of Adulthood

You manage what you measure.

Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is a writer who I heard about from her book, “The Happiness Commandments.” On her blog and social media, she often posts “Secrets of Adulthood,” and the above quote is one.

Something I’d like to manage is my physical activity. I am usually quite good at incorporating exercise into my life. But, of course a lot can get in the way of that. And this has been the year of unexpected obstacles. Recording my exercise experiences here will be a way for me to feel even more motivated.

What do I mean by fitness?

I mean exercise. Movement. Moving your body. Joyful movement.

I do not mean to focus on looks–I want to be body-positive. I would like to re-train my brain to not care what I look like, specifically with regards to being thin. The truth is, I do care, but I don’t want to make that my focus. I want to focus on other things that are better for my mental health.

Why do I exercise?

Because I like it!

I like the feeling of working hard. I like the endorphins. Nothing is as good for my mental health as running.

I like exploring and improving what my body can do.

My career as an actor can be physically demanding, and I want to be strong and capable. And, more specifically, my career involves dancing.


In non-Covid times, I like to go to a gym. I like classes. I like dancing.

I do not like workout videos all that much. And I can’t get excited about working out at home.

I want to dance to work out. I feel like I “should,” but I am trying to let go of that. Instead, I am following a workout plan I made for myself a few years ago. It’s all things I can do at home or outside social-distancing and requires little to no equipment.

I’m fortunate to live in a place that’s temperate all year-round, so exercise outdoors is always possible. I also have room in the common areas of the house to do my stretches, ab work, etc. Not quite the space I prefer for dancing, though.


What does ‘fitness’ mean to you? How do you incorporate movement into your life?

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