Writing Wednesday: Progress not Perfection

How big are those bites?

Even though I try to keep my goals bite-sized, they grow seemingly of their own accord. Please enjoy this written version of my thought process surrounding my writing career:

Okay, bite-sized goal, write daily, no matter what it is.

And some of my important writing projects are: My Nonfiction Book and Course, My Sci-Fi novel, and Articles for Freelancing

If I’m writing a Nonfiction Book and Course, maybe I should go all-in on that topic. A blog about music education?

Also, maybe I should learn how to create a video course. I’ll google that now–STOP! WAIT! I can worry more about that after I finish my Nonfiction Book and Course.

I really want this to be a career, so I really want to get paid. So I should start freelancing. Maybe I’ll write an article a day for the next week, then I will spend the next week editing. . . .

Remembering my Happiness Commandments

A few years ago, I created a list of Happiness Commandments inspired by Gretchen Rubin. One of them was “Progress, not Perfection.”

I don’t achieve every goal I set. But working toward a goal still improves my life!

Another NaNoWriMo example. The goal is to write 50,000 words in a month. But what if you don’t get there? What if you write every day, but only make it to 35k? Or 20k? Or 15,000 words?

That’s still 15,000 more words than you had a month ago!

Progress, not perfection. As a musician, my work can be very subjective, so I don’t try to define it scene perfection. I just study and practice so I can sound better than yesterday.

Sarah from 2018, who had no idea what kind of trauma the next three years would bring.

So, I will probably never keep my brain from going out-of-control with the lofty goals. But I can also train my brain to see the progress I make. That way, I can find something to be proud of along the way. And if I’m going to make big goals, the way is going to be long, so it’s important to have that feeling of success during the small steps. That’s what keeps me going and keeps me from being disappointed until I get to the top.

Brag Alert!

I’m a member of an online mental-health support community forum, and one of our topics is “My Tiny Wins.” That’s exactly what celebrating small steps are–tiny wins. And the steps I’m celebrating today make me happy.

First of all, I have been writing for three days in a row!

Another thing I’m working on in my personal life is managing my energy so that I have time for the things I care about. Specifically, this means not being so wiped out after work that I don’t have time for self-care, writing, making music, etc. I did it today! I spent the evening writing. It’s after 9pm, and I still have energy after a day of working and writing.


Do you have any “tiny wins” to share? Tell me!

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