Something I’m struggling with right now is how to manage my energy. After tasks I have to do, I want to have something left over for the things I want to do.

Now that I have a job with regular hours, on top of a part time gig, it’s easier to let my time and energy get used up.

I am journaling, handwritten, quite a bit. But even then, I wait until the end of the day to journal, and I get so tired I fall asleep before I get get anything down.

So, for a while, I am going to try this:

Mental Health Monday

Blog posts about my mental health, coping mechanisms, and other tidbits.

Writing Wednesday

Updates on my pursuit of my writing career. For the short term, I need to get back into the swing of writing every day. Poems, Fan-fiction, Article drafts, blog posts, and maybe a sentence or two on the nonfiction book I’m trying to finish.

Other “Days”

  • Book/TV/Movie Recommendations – “Fangirl Friday”?
  • Fellow Artist Spotlight – “Spotlight Sunday”?
  • Throwback Thursday – Memories and the like

Focus and the Lack Thereof

I decided to focus on my writing career about four months ago. I thought I’d be further along by now. But my life has progressed in other ways

  • Better living situation
  • Better income situation
  • Better mental health . . . mostly

But it’s hard to focus. It’s hard to only do one thing. I want to do everything! Even within writing, I want to do it all, poems, songs, articles, plays, novels. . . . .

Speaking of lack of focus:

My Old Life

I got some good news in my old life! I’m nominated for Vocalist of the Decade on BroadwayWorld Santa Barbara, and when I last looked, I was in second place.


Go vote for me, because first place is looking so good from here.

If you need instructions, see my previous blog post.

If you need more than instructions, just send me a message. I’ll help.


What “day” do you think I should include on this version of my blog?

2 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. I understand about taking on many responsibilities. I work full time (salary no less), I work on my blog, I am working on a book, I exercise every morning, I am going back to school for my masters so at the same time, I am studying and preparing.
    I too find that my energy is spent at the end of the day.
    The trick for me is the exercise. Though it costs energy, if you don’t overdo it, it increases your energy levels. Not to mention it’s great for your overall health.
    All in all, it sounds like you have had some improvements in your life.
    Energy spent doing things you love is energy well spent.


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