Marie Kondo Vs. The FlyLady Vs. The Home Edit Pt. 2

KonMari Vs. the FlyLady


  • Getting rid of clutter–Kondo advices tossing most papers, and FlyLady agrees tat clutter must be gotten rid of, not organized
  • You must do the tidying and decluttering yourself–and you are empowered to do it


  • FlyLady wants you to tidy up little by little, Marie Kondo says you should do it all at once as a big event.
  • Marie Kondo has you thank items that don’t spark joy as you give them away, but FlyLady has you get rid of stuff with cute games like the 27-Fling Boogie.
  • FlyLady advocates using the emails, routines, decluttering, and zone-cleaning essentially forever, but Marie Kondo says that one tidying event is enough and you will maintain it if you do it correctly.

FlyLady vs. The Home Edit


  • One small step at a time
  • Accept less than perfection
  • certain products are necessary


  • The Home Edit will organize your clutter, FlyLady insists you can’t organize clutter, you must get rid of it
  • FlyLady is more about cleaning, The Home Edit is about organizing
  • The Home Edit is about organizing your stuff, FlyLady is about organizing your time.
  • FlyLady products are for cleaning, The Home Edit products are for organizing.

The Home Edit Vs KonMari


  • Folding clothes and setting them vertically
  • organizing by color
  • loving your space
  • Living in an organized space brings joy
  • Once you’ve tidied, you’re likely to maintain it because of the joy it brings


  • The Home Edit can be hired to tidy for you, but Marie Kondo requires you to do it yourself.
  • Marie Kondo’s method is more spiritual, and The Home Edit is very
  • The Home Edit loves product for organizing and containing, but Marie Kondo insists you don’t need to buy any organizing products

Similarities in all three

  • Cleaning and tidying is important because it can help you feel happier as a person.

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