Week Eleven

Day 1: Nurture My Emotions

I am trying to be more aware of my monthly cycle and how I feel each week of the month and to curate my life to work with that cycle. This week it is important that I nurture my emotions.

I wrote several blog posts today! I would like to get back to my freelance courses this week as well.

Day 2: So Much Happened

  • I had nightmares and woke up feeling depressed.
  • I finally mastered the B minor chord on the guitar. It’s not easy!
  • I went to the dentist.
  • I had a job interview and was told I would be a good fit. Here’s hoping!
  • I met with a woman about a house-sitting gig.
  • I decided to apply for two acting gigs.

Here’s the thing. Writing is what I’m doing because I’m not acting. And I’m not acting because I want to do live theater. It’s a way to be creative while i give myself permission to not be in the theater world right now.

But I got two opportunities to submit videos for virtual performances. I almost rejected them outright–that’s not what I’m doing right now.

But. I used to write my own one-woman shows. Remember The Sarah Raines Concert Series? So, I may have the perfect opportunity to combine writing and performing for a paid gig, and I’m going to go for it.

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