Week Ten

I’d like to learn to believe that my worth is not based on my productivity.

But productivity makes me happy.

This weekly thing is usually published on Tuesday, because I started my blog on a Tuesday. But I’m going to start doing Mondays instead. So. Here we are. On Monday.

Day 1: Lists

Lists work for me until they don’t. I will follow a schedule, a to-do list, or a routine almost every day for a few weeks until I get burnt out, then I have to find my way back into the wagon.

However, lists are working for me right now. Since the blog started, I’m usually have the next 5-9 blog posts written and scheduled to publish. But last week, I got behind. I was only one blog post ahead.

I created a writing plan for this month, and I knew that it would incorporate doing each of these things daily:

  • work on my writing courses
  • Work on Imaginary Basketball
  • write a blog post

Even though I want to make writing a high priority, I do have other things going on in my life. I moved in with some friends two weeks ago. I’m taking a Spanish class and a guitar class. I work part-time for a nonprofit, and I would like to supplement that with another part-time job.

Following my list, today have accomplishments in doing chores, applying for jobs, writing, studying, and taking care of myself.

Day 2: Paid Content Considerations

I would like to entertain the masses by reading the very cringey chapters of my first published novel on videos. My plan is to make these paid content.

One of my obstacles is that my room is conducive to filming. Fixable, but because I have not yet established a solution, I’m behind on this plan.

Day 3: The unease of impending depression

I have struggled this week with my mental health, specifically by waiting too long to eat. If I go too long between meals, my brain will start sending me negative thoughts. Often, I don’t even have other symptoms of hunger, just emotional turmoil.

This problem has been minor and easily fixable this week. However, as I sit here to write, I have had breakfast and a big snack, but I still feel the unease of oncoming depression.

I feel a little discouraged. I think I have good ideas for my blog, my online presence and my writing, but I feel like I don’t have an audience. In the long run, my passions need an audience, and that aspect of my career feels so far out of my control.

I keep putting off things I know will help: exercise, a bath, the beach, buying flowers.

Day 4: Pondering my Productivity

I had an important meeting via Zoom today, and the solution for where to film was answered. At least temporarily.

Today is another day that my to-do list worked for me. I wonder why.

  • I’m in a good time of my monthly cycle.
  • I had enough social time to feel fulfilled, but not so much that I got distracted from things I needed to do.
  • I wore pretty clothes, and that made me happy.
  • The things I had to do had a lot of variety: work, errands, chores, career, etc.
  • Some of my to-dos took me out of the house.
  • I spent a decent chunk of time outside.
  • I included self-care things on my list: a bath, connecting with my family, taking breaks
  • I ate a meal or a snack as soon as I was hungry.
  • I listened to my favorite podcasts.

Day 5: Back to the Course

Today I am learning about the importance knowing exactly who your client or reader is. As an example, the instructor posted an article title and brainstormed ways to write that same article for a new mom, an entrepreneur, and a hardcore keto dieter.

Day 6:

I took a free webinar about how to be your own publicist. The only secret was that being a guest writer for blogs is a good way to get exposure and drive people to your site or mailing list. I’ll have to drop more money to figure out how to get people to ask me for guest posts.

However, I am only on the first course of my The Write Life freelancing classes bundle, and I am already learning a lot there.

I made videos of my readings of chapters of the book I published as a teenager. I had to put on makeup. It was a whole thing. Watch for those weekly posts probably starting in November and costing 99 cents per video. AND, I’ll make a Patreon and set the $3/mo level to getting every video. Pick your poison!


Week Eleven:
Finish “Freelance Blogging in a Weekend”
Finish writing rhythm book
Record more chapter videos
Write five blog posts
Edit chapter videos

Week Twelve:
Continue The Write Life Freelancing Bundle Courses
Input images for Imaginary Basketball
Plan videos for Imaginary Basketball course
Write five blog posts

Week Thirteen:
Finish the course for my rhythm book
continue Bundle Courses
Record 4 videos for my blog
Write blog posts
Start NaNoWriMo

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