Best Author I’d Never Heard Of

So, my number one fan and brother-in-law Sean (also the co-host of the Emmy Rae Show) showed me videos by Chris Fox.

Currently, Chris Fox is a full-time self-published author making good money. But I’d never heard of him or read any of his books. That shows me so much is possible! You can be a prolific and successful author even without being famous. You can transition from a “muggle job” (that’s what some of my opera friends call their non-music gigs) to being an author full-time. And, you can be financially successful even without a big, traditional publisher.

Chris fox makes videos in the following categories:

  • Writing Craft
  • Self Publishing
  • Budget and Finance
  • Motivation
  • Marketing

It’s interesting that this channel is truly about the ins and outs of how he got to where he is as an indie author and NOT as a series of advertisements for his books.

But, you know what? I’m definitely going to read his books. He has a series called “The Dark Lord Bert,” which is a sort of parody of role-playing games. I think the characters live in the land of Cliche and they must obtain Tropes to navigate their adventures. Sounds hilarious.

The Dark Lord Bert

What’s more, he has a series of books on how to write. Titles like, “Write to Market,” and “5000 Words an Hour.”

I plan on reading those, especially with regard to publishing and marketing my current project, a book on teaching students to read, write, and perform musical rhythm.

I just watched “How I got started as an Indie Author,” and it was really interesting to me. It’s easy to look at him and think he was at the right place at the right time, he had the luck, he had the background, and it all just worked out for him. But, no!

He had to try and make mistakes and give up and try and make mistakes and give up and try and try and try until he became someone I look up to!

The gist of his advice comes down to two things:

  • Work hard.
  • Learn from your mistakes.

I do work hard. I have struggled more with motivation this year than ever before, but overall I am very hardworking.

But, here’s the thing. I’m a perfectionist. Working hard and learning from your mistakes means you have to be okay with making mistakes. I sometimes hit a wall because if this project can’t be the amazing thing I imagine, I stop.

For example, I have been writing first drafts of articles both for practice and to have something already down for when I begin pitching to publications.

I could put those things on this blog, on LinkedIn, or other free sites with blog posts and articles. But I don’t want to put my “good” articles out there where I won’t get paid for them.

I think the mindset change I need is that just because I write something doesn’t mean it has to be the end-all be-all of my writing career. If my first book doesn’t do as well as I hope, that’s not the end.

In fact, Chris Fox, being his own publisher, sometimes re-markets a book that has not done as well as he hoped. A new blurb, a new cover, a new promotion, and ta-da!

Easier than re-writing the whole thing with gender swapping or from another character’s point of view, right?

I love that Chris Fox color-codes his videos. For example, I prefer to watch the ones that are about Writing Craft or Motivation, so I look for purple and green.

I also love that he is willing to, for free, show us behind the curtain. He will talk openly about how he brainstorms, structures, writes, launches, and markets his book. The development from nothing to bestseller feels like a secret that he lets his viewers in on.

I tend to try to avoid doing that. I don’t like my “audience” to see behind the curtain. I guess I think that whatever I’m doing, usually singing and acting, will seem less impressive they know how it works. Or, perhaps, I will be creating my own competition.

But I will take a leaf out of Chris’s book and let you behind the curtain a little bit on my current project in tomorrow’s post.

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