Did you know Stephenie Meyer wrote a book?

Duh . . .

Of course you know. She wrote Twilight. You probably even know that Twilight is a four-book series that turned into a five-movie series.


Now is a good time to talk about it because Midnight Sun, which is Edward’s perspective of Twilight, was finally published. I haven’t read it yet.

Back in my own I-read-vampire-romance-books days, I frequented Stephenie Meyer’s website and blog. She talked about how she began writing Twilight from Edward’s perspective for her own enjoyment. Then, she looked at the lovely hardback books of the Twilight Saga on her shelf and thought that she wanted the same thing for this story from Edward’s perspective.

So. She decided to get it published. I guess when you have a best-selling series with a five-film deal, it’s just that simple.

She sent out the first part of her manuscript to friends for feedback. And that partial manuscript got leaked online. Due to subtle changes in the text, she thinks she knows who let it slip. This leak really took the wind out of her sales when it came to finishing it.

So Meyer had a dilemma. How can she address the leak without also advertising that her work could be accessed without her permission? She decided to make it available on her website.

And I read it. It was fun to read. But, maybe it would have been more respectful of me to wait for it to be published.

Ten years later.


I bring up this book sometimes, but most of my friends seem to not know about it.

Life and Death was published by Stephenie Meyer and it is a retelling of Twilight with the genders swapped. There is a vampire named Edythe and a mortal boy named Beau who fall in love.

Meyer got some backlash that perhaps Twilight was a anti-feminist story. This gender-swapped story is meant to illustrate that the story is equally valid both ways, and thus, is not anti-feminist.

I have not read Life and Death.

True Genius

The true genius of this is that Stephenie Meyer essentially wrote and published the same book three times. Twilight, Midnight Sun, and Life and Death, are all the exact same story! Not basically, not mostly, not the same outline or formula. The. Same. Story.

That Other Book

Then there is The Host, which I enjoyed. It’s a science fiction about alien parasites, and it has some elements and characters that are reminiscent of the Twilight Saga.

It’s not as good as my favorite sci-fi series about parasitic aliens, but still, the writing and the premise were interesting to me.

The book you don’t know about

But I just finished reading a book by Stephenie Meyer called The Chemist, and it’s definitely my favorite thing she’s ever written.

The protagonist of The Chemist is on the run from the government because she used to be an interrogator–using drugs to torture and manipulate the bad guys–for a government agency so secret, it doesn’t even have a name. But terminating her meant that her very existence was a liability, so she has to live on the run and off the grid.

It’s an exciting premise! This is a movie I’d rather see than Twilight.

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