Week Nine

Day 1

This is my first writing week in my new place. I am content and peaceful here. It’s so easy for me to feel relaxed and happy in this space with these people.

Kelly and I did a writing retreat to the beach. We talked about her novel, and I told her about my writing classes.

However, it’s so easy to chat with my roommates in the kitchen, or watch TV with my roommates on the couch, or eat with my roommates in the living room instead of doing all the things I should be. Like writing and unpacking.

Goals for tomorrow:
talk with Kelly about writing (another beach retreat!)
Do my homework from Freelance Blogging in a Weekend
Watch “How does your Magic System Work” video by Chris Fox
Send my YouTube preview to my social networks

Day 2

Kelly and I rescheduled for Friday.

But I did write an article for my Freelance Blogging in a Weekend homework.

Now it’s after midnight, so, technically, it’s Day 3. And I’m tired. So.

Goals for tomorrow (today):
Write another article for my Freelance Blogging in a Weekend homework.
Watch “How does your magic system work” and brainstorm for BB
Post my YouTube preview to my social networks

Day 3

I took today “off,” for the most part.

However, in doing my homework for the Freelance Blogging in a weekend, I started to draft an article with the prompt “The Simple Way to” and I started writing, “The Simple Way to teach Rhythm.”

Because I used to teach music. Choir, music theory, etc. And I developed a way to teach rhythm to kids that they would enjoy and retain. In fact, one of my classes used this method, along with what I taught them about solfege (do-re-mi) to write their own song.

And I realized, this is not an article. This is a book. And I already have some clout and notoriety as a musician and music educator. So this is a good first, transitional step from my life as a musician to my life as writer.

What’s more, this method for teaching basic musical rhythm to kids has already been tried and tested for the four years I’ve been using it!

Day 4

Beach day.

And I hung shelves in my new room!

Day 5

Today I got back in the swing of things with my job.

Day 6

Today I aspired to get ahead on my homework. I’m taking Spanish and Guitar. But last night, I realized that my fish is sick. I did not sleep well.

So instead I spent most of my today sanitizing the tank and everything in it. Brando seems to be doing better. He’s more active, and I’m hoping he’ll be interested in food tomorrow. I’m doing all I can, and I’m trying to take comfort in that.

I should go to bed, but I’ve written two pages of an outline for my book on teaching rhythm!

Day 7

I have been very productive today. But I left writing for the end of my to-do list.

Still, about an hour before bed I crossed off “Write a blog post.” I’m no longer ahead on my blog posts, so you’ll see that tomorrow.

And, finally, just before I need to sleep, I crossed off “Write the introduction to my rhythm book.”


Week Ten: Double digits!
Finish the course “Freelance Blogging in a Weekend”
Continue writing my book on teaching rhythm
record videos for the blog
Write five blog posts

Week Eleven:
Start the next course from the Write Life bundle
Finish writing rhythm book
create a Patreon for my blog/writng
Write five blog posts
Work on novel planning

Week Twelve:
Continue Bundle Courses
start creating a course for my rhythm book
Write five blog posts

Week Thirteen:
Finish the course for my rhythm book
continue Bundle Courses
Record 4 videos for my blog
Write blog posts
Start NaNoWriMo

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