The Emmy Rae Show

Emmy is almost six. She is my first niece. When she was around three, she would sit on a chair in front of a mirror and pretend she was hosting a YouTube show. Sometimes my mom, her grandma, would be a guest.

Hello and welcome back to my channel!

And she doesn’t have to pretend anymore. With her dad as producer and co-host she does have her own YouTube show: The Emmy Rae Show.

As Aunt Sarah, The Emmy Rae show is my very favorite channel on YouTube.

And as regular Sarah, The Emmy Rae Show is still in my top ten.

You know how you can sometimes see people on a show working out the kinks as they go? In her first episode, “Friends, Microphones, and Juggling,” the kinks are what makes it delightful. Emmy wants to have the microphone close to her face. She fiddles with it no matter what her dad tells her. She unexpectedly shifts from talking about her friends to a juggling demonstration. I love how her dad goes along with it, even though he’s never juggled before. He doesn’t try to reign in the star, he just follows her whim to go to get five balls and to try juggling. And I love her genuine enthusiasm when he does try to juggle!

And I watch and rewatch because her enthusiasm is always genuine. All her facial expressions are very fun–definitely watch for them in the bloopers.

And–forgive the voice teacher coming out–her diction is really good. In Episode Three, she learns the difference between the words “foam” and “phone,” and she uses excellent ending consonants so you can really hear the difference. She was like that as a toddler, too. There’s a video somewhere of her singing the Lost Boys song from Disney’s Peter Pan, and the way she pronounces “march” is just too good for such a little kid.

Her dynamic with her dad is so charming. What a cool dad to do that for his kid. What a cool daughter to do that for her dad.

She’s immensely quotable. My favorites are:

I can not do juggling.

Episode 1

That’s the it.

Episode 1

You’re lying. You’re literally lying.

Episode 6

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