The Plan: Week Eight

Week Eight: 
Start my freelancing classes.
Write blog posts.
Take the weekend off.

Day 1

I started “Freelance Blogging in a Weekend,” today.

I think I’d like to write reviews of the courses I take. I’m sure The Write Life and other freelance writers would be interested.

I learned some good terms. And I added “Contena” to my list of publications. And I added a row to my spreadsheet of publications (okay, it’s more than a list), and that row is “target audience.”

Also. Years ago, I created a method for teaching basic rhythm to kids, and I am thinking of turning it into a book, a video, and/or an online course. Articles on “passive income for creatives” keep saying that developing online courses is a one method. It’s . . . not passive. And probably not a lot in the way of income, but I have a decent amount of people who know me as a music educator and would be potential clients, reviewers, referrals.

And I finished that Frenemy blog post that was too triggering for me when I started it. It’s long, but I like the story. And I allowed myself to be really vulnerable. I am not the hero or victim of that story. I hope you read it.

Day 2

Got the wind taken out of my sails a bit today.

Still. Wrote a blog post that’s been on my mind for a while.

Sneaking away to see the ocean.

Day 3

Yay! Homework!

I think it’s okay if I share vague details on the homework from my “Freelance Blogging in a Weekend” class. I have three prompts for articles that I should write to make life easier for the reader.

My initial ideas are:
5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Sleep-Ready
Why You Need A Music Stand (even if you’re not a musician)
The Simple Way to Memorize Text

Day 4

Today, I packed. It was not too difficult to make progress because I’ve been Marie-Kondoing all month.

Day 5

Today, I moved in with friends. I cannot tell you how happy that sentence makes me.

Day 6

Today I finished moving. And in the evening, I sat on the couch with my friend to watch TV. And it was so nice.

Day 7

I told stories to my friends. There’s one that I call, “Why I don’t have dream roles,” that I’m considering telling here. It’s still painful to me, but it’s quite the story.

My weekend of not writing has turned into a four-day thing due to my move.

Onward and Upward

Week Nine:
Continue pre-writing and planning for my novels: BB and RR
Write Every day!

Week Ten: Double digits!
Work on writing articles.
Take the weekend off.

Week Eleven:
Continue pre-writing and planning for my novels
Write Every day!

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