T.H.E. Wait

Hello, readers!

I want you to know that I care that you read this blog.

And I want you to know that I care enough to actually do a little research for this blog.

Let’s talk about home organizing. Go back and read Marie Kondo Vs. and FlyLady Vs. for context

KonMari vs. FlyLady vs. T.H.E.

Around the time I decided to seriously pursue writing as a career, I also read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. So, naturally, I planned on blogging about it. And, if you’ve read my last two blog posts about organization methods, you know that watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix series led me to watching Getting Organized with The Home Edit (T.H.E.).

So, I wanted to write a blog post comparing the two methods. However, I could tell I was already biased toward Marie Kondo, and I hadn’t read either of The Home Edit’s books. Not a fair shake, right? So, I got both of them on Audible.

Thinking about the similarities and differences of those two methods reminded me of another method I tried a few years ago. FlyLady. So, you’re getting all three. But, of course, you have to wait a little longer for my post on The Home Edit because I am working my way through their books.

Hope you enjoyed this weekend mini-post.

Back with full posts on Monday, and a Weekly Plan post on Tuesday.


What topics would you like to see me write or write more about?

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