Girl Bosses

My favorite things:

  • My Favorite Murder, podcast
  • Dead to Me, Netflix series
  • The Home Edit, professional organizers
  • The Office Ladies, podcast

These are a few of my favorite things. Do you know enough to know what they all have in common?

My Favorite Murder

I’ve written about My Favorite Murder before. It’s a true crime comedy podcast. I like true crime. I like choosing to consume stories about the darkness of humanity in a way that I can control. But I like listening to two funny friends talk about their lives, relationships, mental health, comedy, acting, and fascinating stories. I love their banter and how they exaggerate aspects of the people they discuss to make each other laugh. I also love that through these stories they point out the racism, sexism, classism, etc in our world. They are very open in talking about mental health, which makes me feel so seen and heard.

Dead to Me

Dead to Me is a story about women who meet in a grief group and become friends. Jen has just lost her husband. She’s cynical, angry, and controlling, and I love her. I feel like I am just like her, but without two sons to raise. She befriends Judy who sees the best in people. Judy is an artist. She meditates, she uses crystals, she connects to the world spiritually. Their friendship is filled with secrets and confessions and drama, but they really lean on one another.

The Home Edit

Joanna and Clea are professional organizers, and they run their own company, The Home Edit. They organize for anyone, but they do have celebrity clientele as well. Clea is controlling, demanding, hates working out, and sneezes when she’s hungry. She has a phobia of snakes, even just snakeskin accessories. And she has really good handwriting. Joanna is more soft in her interactions with people. She loves working out, she wears cute headbands, and she has some powerful aversions to certain words. Certain words! Their banter and the way the accomplish their goals are really fun to watch.

The Office Ladies

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey host an office re-watch podcast. I like podcasts about pop culture things I am already into. (Potterless, Buffering the Vampire Slayer, etc) But it’s extra-special when the podcast is hosted by people who were actually there! I’ve started Jenna Fischer’s book (I’ll have to finish it for acting school next year), and I loved watching Angela in Haters Back Off. They are best friends, and I love how they tease each other and praise or criticize each other’s characters.

So you see

I love watching strong female friendships and strong sisterhoods. One of my favorite things in entertainment is that moment when two or more women start laughing together. I had a moment like that with my two closest friends, Kelly and Christa, where I was like, oh, you get me. We’re gonna be hanging out a lot.

And that’s made even better by seeing these women creating something. A podcast, a tv show, a company. Now, Jen and Judy from Dead to Me are fictional, but still. Badass actresses telling a story centered around women? That’s everything that Kelly and I aspire to be!

Are we there yet?


What do you find inspiring?

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