The Plan: Week Seven

Day 1

I’m working on a marketing plan. But I took a break to go on a walk for my mental health. But, for my physical health, I couldn’t walk outside–air quality is bad. The mall is open, I heard, so I went there.

It was quite empty and most stars are dark. But I walked a mile, including up and down a long staircase twice.

Day 2

The low: I had a mental/emotional breakdown today. It ended. It always does. I’m fine now. I always am. But it feels impossible to go through when it’s happening.

The high: I purchased a bundle of writing classes from The Write Life. I’ve been feeling daunted by creating this marketing plan. But there are so many courses in this bundle that I can use to help me jumpstart my career.

Day 3

Slight change of plan.

I started brainstorming my marketing plan yesterday. Then, I got an email from The Write Life. A bundle of courses on freelance writing valued at $2000 for only $99.

And I decided to get it. I will let these courses guide me in marketing myself as a freelance article writer. I’m starting with “Freelance Blogging in a Weekend.”

Yes, I already told you that. Today I did all the registering and downloading for the classes.

Because you know what I haven’t been doing enough of? Writing.

Day 4

I did nothing today.

I mean, I did so much today, but nothing helpful or healthy or productive.

Day 5

Today, my main productivity was in doing chores with Christa. We run/ran a youth theater company together, so I gathered up a bunch of stuff from that to put in storage. And I wrote her a check because it’s her storage unit that our company is using.

She bought lunch, and I made her watch Get Organized with The Home Edit.

Due to my indulgent day yesterday, I expected today to be rough. A sort of come down. But I feel good, overall.

Day 6

I got up. Ate. Wrote.

Because I’m a writer.

I decided I should try to write five blog posts today. I wrote two that you’ll see coming up next week. And those each inspired a couple more.

I started another “frenemy” blog post, but the feelings it stirred up were too painful. This “frenemy” is someone I haven’t seen in a decade or more, but something about the jealousy and insecurity I had surrounding her felt too similar to the breakup I had recently. I couldn’t finish that post.

I am exploring home organization methods. I’d like to compare three on my blog here, but there’s one method that needs more research. I got two audiobooks about it that I’m excited to read.

I’ve been writing all morning, and I have finished four blog posts. I feel so good.

Day 7

Guys I write so much. At work I wrote a proposal and several emails and grant applications and registration forms. . . . .

I have a method for transitioning into work. I play some music. I open my timesheet, my GoogleVoice, my work to dos, and my work folder in my email. Then, it’s pretty easy to get going.

I’d like to find a way to transition myself into writing. During Week Two, I think, I made myself tea, put away my phone, and opened two documents and did nothing but write for a set period of time. Write either a free-write or write on the project I’m hoping to finish or do nothing.

Today was more about my online presence and having some fun with the blog.

And then . . . .

Week Eight: 
Start my freelancing classes.
Write blog posts.
Take the weekend off.

Week Nine:
Continue pre-writing and planning for my novels: BB and RR
Write Every day!

Week Ten: Double digits!
Work on writing articles.
Take the weekend off.

Week Eleven:
Continue pre-writing and planning for my novels
Write Every day!

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