Beach Laid Plans

That sounds sexual. It’s not.

I need the ocean today

I had just written “How I Beach” when I realized . . . I need the ocean today.

So, I went. It was after six, so cutting it close for when the access would close. Remember when Kelly and I got caught on the wrong side?

But, I had all my stuff pretty much ready, so I took off.

Time Crunch

As I drove in, I noticed that the sign had changed. Instead of saying closing at 8:00pm, it said it closed at 7:30. And I crossed that threshold at 6:54. So, I would need to leave the beach by 7:15/7:20.

That’s just enough time for a dip, no hanging out. I didn’t bring my chair.

I walked by a group of teenage girls in the middle of a picnic. They even had flowers in a vase. I thought–y’all don’t have time to finish that lovely spread.

I got close to the water. As soon as I set my stuff down, a ranger approached me. It wasn’t totally clear to me that he was a ranger at first, but he did have the badge on his sleeve.

He said, “We’re clearing the beach.”

I said, “Okay. . . . does that mean I should leave right now?”

He said, “I would.”

Which is passive language for someone trying to enforce rules. I knew I wasn’t staying long. So I kept on.

Sarah the Rebel

“You’ll just barely get set up and then have to leave.”

Then, he went to tell someone else, I think the videographer below, about clearing the beach. But soon he was back, seeing me get ready to swim.

“Ma’am, you don’t have time.”

I said, “I’ll be in and out.”

He said, “Yes, you will.”

Now you’re getting the forceful language, Ranger! Sort of.

I kept my word; I was in and out quickly. In fact, after my dip, I put on my poncho, but I didn’t have time to finish changing.

I walked toward the parking lot behind the ranger. I couldn’t help but notice he did not tell the picnic girls to get going.


As I got back to my car, a gal told me she caught me on Facebook live video. I laughed and said, “I guess I’m the crazy lady at the beach!”

The ranger said the water was about fifty-two degrees. He smiled and waved at me as I drove away, so I don’t think he was too mad at my rebellion.

I made sure to get out of the gate on time. Then, I pulled over and changed into dry clothes in my car. I stopped for a hotdog after.

Video lady sent me a nice message later, saying that she was trying to video the sunset for a friend with a terminal illness. And even though the sun was too hard to see, it was cool to see someone living in the moment.

That made me feel good. So does Josh Groban. Enjoy.

crazy lady at the beach


Are you a rebel?

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