One day I’ll do a post on the parade of cars I drove/owned in my life.

To understand my current car, you need some context.

Return of the Jetta

I was driving a 2019 Jetta. It was my second Jetta, so I called it “Return of the Jetta.” I drove it to gentleman friend at his place for the first time.

I realized I was going the wrong direction and needed to turn around. The road was wide and seemed like it wasn’t busy. So, I decided to make a u-turn.

I saw a flash of a red car.



An unfamiliar, frozen, yet fuzzy world.


Every airbag had gone off.

Wreck? Totally.

My gentlemen friend let me spend the night, then he drove me all the way home (about an hour drive) early in the morning so he could get back in time for work.

My car was totaled.

But my blessings were such that I got enough money from insurance to pay off the car loan and have a little extra left over.

And I had been saving for about seven months and was able to pull some of that savings to pay cash for a car.

My step-mom put together a list of Honda and Toyota sedans in my budget for me to test drive.

Little Lady Test Drives

The first one I tried was a bust. The salesmen brought me the car, and it was making an horrible noise. He explained something about the noise. I remembered that my mom advised me to make sure I saw how the car started. I turned the car off and on, and it wouldn’t start.

Salesman said, “I might have to jump it.”

And I said, “This test drive is over.”

He asked if there was any other car I wanted to try. I said that this one was the only kind I was interested that was in my budget. Then, he showed me another car. The asking price was over my budget, but he said he could maybe get the price lower.

I said I’d check it out.

The car was beautiful. Baby blue. Leather interior. Spacious. Built-in navigation.

I decided there was no way I could afford it. But I drove. We chatted. I checked it all out.

Little Lady Negotiates

I wish I remembered exactly what I said. Basically, I told him my max budget, and I couldn’t afford to add on to that.

I ending up turning the asking price having turned into my out-the-door price–including fees, taxes, registration, etc.

She’s a Toyota Avalon. So, for a while, I tried out the name Merlin. But, it didn’t fit. Her pretty blue color reminded me of water, so I call her Lady of the Lake.

Lady for short.

Little Lade is a Big Girl Now

Here’s the thing.

This was the first time I ever paid cash for a car.

This was the first time I ever negotiated the price of a car by myself.

This was the first car I picked out for myself.

And she’s a better car than I ever expected.


Is there a story behind your current car? Your first car? Or one special car?

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