The Plan: Week Six

Day 1

Every day is a rollercoaster, but I have found a balance of peace today.


I drafted an article today. Then, I started to read an article about how to write at article. My article needs work–but I’m letting it be a first draft, unpolished, unfinished. I have some inspiration for what I’ll write about tomorrow.

I try to set an intention every day, week, month, and year.

8 September 2020

Today I intend to take small steps toward bigger goals.

7-13 September 2020

This week I intend to prioritize writing.

Day 2

But, I just wrote yesterday. I’m supposed to write today, too?

When I’m sad, it feels like I’ll be sad forever. I keep learning over and over again that a negative emotions do leave.

Writing can help. But writing can also hurt. So . . . you’re welcome everyone.

Day 3

I wrote a blog post today. I’d like to find time this evening to write an article. I have some ideas started.

Day 4

I woke up this morning and shouted “I’m a writer!”

Mental health was a big priority today, but eating and sleeping and checking in with friends were easy enough to accomplish.

And I Marie-Kondo’d my electronics and office supplies. I had some equipment from a career I never fully pursued. The career and the equipment didn’t spark joy. But making a few hundred bucks selling it DID!

Day 5

I wrote a blog post.

And I keep starting articles. I have three solid starts, but I haven’t finished them. Yet.

Finishing–the endings are a place I’d like to improve. I should make a case study of my favorite articles, writers, and stories to see why the endings work and how I can emulate.

Joy–writing brings me so much joy. Just the act of organizing my thoughts, feelings, goals, plans, accomplishments, is a meditation for me.

I have been resisting mediation lately in my morning and bedtime routines. But I love journaling so much that I get engrossed and forget that I have other things to do on my routine. Writing can be a new meditation for te time being.

Also. When it comes to fiction writing, am I ready to dive on in? Or do I need more planning? Writing or planning or writing or planning or . . . probably writer.

Because I’m a writer.

Day 6

Weekend! No writing, no guilt.

Although I did take myself to the beach. Hanne says I should blog about that. I brought my journal and started a brainstorm list and mindmap for a marketing plan.

Day 7

Wrote a blog post. That inspired a draft for another.

Then, someone who knows I suffer from depression asked me, “Are you feeling better?”

And I said, “I’m not going to feel better.”

Which perhaps sounds defeatist. But questions like that are so incredibly unhelpful to someone with a mental illness. Why, you ask? I guess I’ll write an article about it.

And next

Week Seven: 
Continue pre-writing of BB. (tentatively planning on making this a NaNoWriMo project)
Write myself a marketing plan to get me through January
Maintain a week lead on my blog posts.

Week Eight: 
Implement my marketing plan.
Research how to write better articles and revise and write articles for pitching.
Start reading publications I want to write for.
Start writing pitches for publications.
Take the weekend off.

Week Nine:
Continue writing on my novels.
Write Every day!

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