Self-indulgence Saturday

I’m always trying to do the right thing, the wise thing, the smart thing, the healthy thing. Even when I do the impulsive, follow-my-heart thing–I plan and budget and go about it in a really thoughtful way.

I don’t indulge in much. I don’t drink or smoke or have one-night stands or do any fun drugs. Or even use caffeine. I always find employment. I make good grades even when grades don’t matter.

I’m intelligent and self-aware. I work hard to be a better person mentally, emotionally, and socially.

So. Just this once. Can I do the stupid, self-indulgent, feels-good-now, risky, probably-going-to-regret-it thing? My eyes are wide open. I know the consequences. I want it anyway.

Girl. You’re sixteen.
I’m twice that.


If I do . . . would you still be there for me if it blows up in my face?

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