Aunthood: Co-Girl

Co-Girl is two and a half. She and I share a middle name. She also shares it with both her grandmas and her great-grandma.

Bibliophile Baby (like me!)

She’s only two, but she likes to sit and read books. She will look at the pictures intently and sometimes say the words she remembers from when her parents read it to her. If you try to interrupt when she’s reading in her room, she’s likely to tell you, “Weave me awone!”

Sweet Sister

One day, her older brother, age four, was having a bit of a rough morning. He had to turn off the show he was watching. His mom was making him breakfast, but he was demanding cereal and toast and yogurt, and she would only make these things one at a time.

Co-Girl was licking the cinnamon sugar off her toast. Her brother said, “I don’t want her to lick her toast! I want her to bite it!”

It appeared that she was ignoring her brother at fist. But, then she started eating her toast. She said to him in her sweet, high voice, “Look! I’m biting it!”

Another day, Co-girl and I were getting ready to go on a walk. We got outside first and were waiting for her mom and her brother to come join us.

When they finally got outside, Co-Girl shouted her brother’s name in joy and ran over to hug him. Even though she hadn’t seen him for a few minutes, she was as thrilled to see him as if they had spent months apart.

Toddler Tidbits

She dances and spins to music. She belts monotone melodies like “You’re Welcome” from Moana or “Forever Young” by Alphaville.

She is good about saying thank you.

When their mom tells Co-Boy to “ask nicely,” he adds “please” to his request. When she tells Co-Girl to ask nicely, she asks again in the same words, but in a higher, sweeter, softer tone of voice.

She used to call me Sa-sa, and I loved it. But, now she calls me Sarah, not quite pronouncing the “r.”


Do you have any funny stories about two-year-olds?

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