The Plan: Week Five

Day 1

I let a work meeting turn into social hour (two hours!) so I skipped over my writing time. Luckily, however, I have given myself two writing sessions per day. And, because I was extra-productive this morning, I found a way to write for an hour and a half this afternoon/evening.

(When does afternoon end and evening start? 5:00? 6:00?)

I wrote an article draft today–yay!

I’m a little nervous that I’m not enough of an expert in anything to write about it. But I can do research. Little known fact, theater school involves TON of research.

Hey! Article idea!

Day 2

I had an emotional breakdown today. I still wrote a blog post. I’m okay now.

Taking a special sleeping supplement before bed.

Day 3

I took today off. From pretty much everything. I ate cookie dough, and I dove into the ocean.

Notice that it’s “safe to eat raw.” My kind of dough.
Icy sea water is an excellent reset.

Day 4

Yesterday did me good. But I’m having a hard time getting the momentum back.

Day 5

Because this was a hard week–I’m allowed to have hard weeks–I will push back my plan and have another article writing week next week. Then anything I do for the next two days will be head of schedule.

Wrote a blog post. I find it fascinating. I wonder if you will.

Day 6

When stay-at-home orders first happened, I remember saying that taking care of my mental health felt like a full-time job. How could I do that AND my classes AND my job? That feeling is back today.

This morning I walked around the cemetery and bought breakfast ingredients and got myself a bouquet and played a game with some friends and put gas in my car and . . . .

didn’t write.

Day 7

I’m very happy that tomorrow is a refresh and redo.

I took a kayaking trip today. I made two stops with my kayak. One for a short hike, and the other for a short dip. I should go to the beach every day.

I told myself I would write this evening. I didn’t.

Sometimes I get on a kick where the things I enjoy most are domestic. Not that I enjoy doing them so much as I enjoy having done them–dishes, tidying, cleaning. That’s today. Maybe I need my house a bit more in order to start this week again.

Also. I don’t feel like a writer this week. I’m going to call myself a writer every day next week.

Moving Forward

Week Six: Week 5 Re-do!
Call myself a writer every morning.
Write one blog post or one draft of an article on alternating days.
Allow my writing to suck. Write anyway.
Video an unboxing of The First Phase or a reading of Creative Writing Chapter One.
Brainstorm people to review/revise/edit what I’ve written.
Take the weekend off.

Week Seven: 
Start writing on my novel(s).
Write at least two blog posts.
Continue pursuing blogger jobs.
Video a reading of Creative Writing or some Teenage Sarah Poetry. Maybe even a song.
Write every day!

Week Eight: 
Research how to write better articles and revise and write articles for pitching.
Start reading publications I want to write for.
Start writing pitches for publications.
Take the weekend off.

Week Nine:
Continue writing on my novels.
Write Every day!

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