Whoring Myself

I mean no disrespect to sex workers. This is a whole other level of whoredom. I am selling the experience of watching me read the terrible, terrible writings I did as a teenager. It’s vulnerable to my soul in a way that nudity or sex could never be.

One Month

One month ago, I started this blog and my week-by-week plan to start my writing career.

So, just recently, I purchased plan on WordPress. One thing it comes with is the domain name. Check me out under sarahjraines.com–don’t forget the j!

Another thing this allows me to do is create paid content. Content you have to pay to view. So, I’ll give you want you want, even if I hate every minute of it, but you’re gonna pay for it.

Cringe from days gone by

First, you can receive the unauthorized audiobook of the novel I published as a teenager a chapter at a time. As a bonus, you get to actually WATCH me read it and cringe and whether I intend it or not, there will be spontaneous scathing commentary sputtering from my lips.

Next, I plan on reading the 21 pages of a sci-fi novel I started as a teen. The file is named “story_red.” Sadly, this story remains, now and forever, unfinished.

There’s a short story. That file is named “Schiess_Tannon,” and it’s about an art student who breaks up with his girlfriend then makes a new one out of clay.

There’s terrible poetry. There’s also some good poetry. I plan to seek out old journals to read aloud so the cringe can continue. If I find my fan-fiction files, then I’ll share that as well. But I will hate every second of it, which is why you, dear reader, must pay for the privilege.

For as little as $0.99, you can watch me make myself miserable for your enjoyment.

There will also be some more serious material, such as excerpts from my mental health journal or some of the free-writes I do while I plan novels.

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