The Plan: Week Four

Week Four

Day One

I have enjoyed going back into the world of BB. And I remember that I want to experiment with multiple points of view in this story. Third person limited, I guess. The process is opening up questions for me to answer with this story. And I have found a resolution for my character. I think I will keep outlining this story and use it for NaNoWriMo. I’d like to get a blog post down, today, too. But we will see if I have time.

I’d like to watch two Chris Fox videos son. One is “How does your magic system work?” and the other is “Character Arcs.”

Day Two

I didn’t write on my goal, but here’s an excerpt from my journal

26 August 2020

I have a headache. I’m thirsty. There’s a tightness in my throat. I’m menstruating. I’m cold. I’m lonely.

But. My hair looks terrific. I put it in two Dutch braids (like inside-out French braids). It will look really good tomorrow–all wavy.

I started watching John Mulaney stand-up, and the humor made me happy. I long to play the piano. But I’m happy to be writing.

I started this journal entry with the things that were wrong so that I would understand my reason for feeling depressed. I knew I needed a distraction. I realized I fel tlonely and sad. but it’s exacerbated by things like cold, hungry, having to me, aches, and pains.

Plus, I haven’t exercised.

Day Three

I am only five blog posts ahead right now. I want to be more like ten.

I did my Act Two and Act Three worksheets for BB.

I also enjoyed interacting in the comments on yesterday’s post.

And the big thing I did for my career was that I purchased a paid plan for WordPress. It includes a domain name and paid content. And I have a fun idea for paid content. Remember my terrible novel? Just wait.

Day Four

I wrote a blog post today, and that inspired the possibility of four more posts.

I have completed the worksheets for Act One, Two, and Three of GG. I realize now that my stories still need more planning and details to be ready for writing. I need to continue with my act worksheets and flesh things out a bit. Answer my own questions.

Day Five

Beach B*tches had another retreat where we talked about writing a little bit.

I wrote another Act 1 worksheet, and I got some further inspiration on that story.

Day Six

I had a meeting today with one of my acting teachers to talk about writing. It was lovely. He has written a nonfiction book and many plays, and I loved chatting about it all.

Anyway, I wrote a blog post today about my first love. And it spurred ideas for two or three more posts. But the hour I allocated is almost up and I haven’t written an act worksheet today.

It’s important to note that many times today I felt so down I didn’t think I could cope or push through or ever feel better. Of course, I did. But nothing lifted my spirits quite like writing.

Day Seven

I’m a little tired today, but I feel overall really good.

I wrote the Act 1 Worksheet for a story I’ll call River.

I have “Write” at least two hours a day in my calendar. Longer on weekends (except I take weekends off when I do nonfiction!). So, I specified for next week whether I was doing an article or a blog post.


Week Five: Write one blog post or one draft of an article on alternating days. Brainstorm people to review/revise/edit what I’ve written. Set goals for Week 7. Take the weekend off.

Week Six: Start writing on my novel(s), and write at least two blog posts. Write every day! Set goals for Week 8.

Week Seven: Research how to write better articles and revise and write articles for pitching. Start reading publications I want to write for. Start writing pitches for publications. Set goals for Week 9. Take the weekend off.

Week Eight: Continue writing on my novels. Set goals for Week 10. Write Every day!

3 thoughts on “The Plan: Week Four

  1. I am interested to hear more about the act worksheets you are writing. Is it something you created yourself or are you using a template from another source?


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