Fixing My Own Flipping Bike

Riding Bikes “Together”

When I was with DM (remember him? quiet type? I dedicated my book to him?), we thought we’d start riding bikes together. But, something else happened. He got really into cycling, and I didn’t. I wanted to ride bikes as a couple around the neighborhood. But soon, he had two road bikes, accessories, special clothes, special tools, and even special food for cycling. It was a hobby that he developed without me.

We selected a mountain/road bike hybrid for me that had too big of a frame. Going on rides “together” meant he would zoom ahead of me with his leaner body and faster road bike until I couldn’t see him anymore. He started cycling regularly, tracking his progress, and even buying a setup to do stationary cycling at home.

I rode my bike to rehearsal sometimes.

Then, that relationship ended, but I kept my bike. When I started acting school, I would ride my bike to class sometimes.

“Helping” Me with my Bike

I started dating someone who liked to ride his bike, but more like I like to ride my bike–for fun. I call that guy Punk Rock Teddy Bear. PRTB.

Onc I was having trouble so PRTB told me how to fix my chain. I say “told” and not “taught” because all he did was explain it to me. The bike wasn’t even present when he explained. I was able to do it on my own.

Another time, my back tire went flat. PRTB started to explain how to remove the tube and check for holes. I asked for his help. He said he would. Before he got the chance, we broke up.

After that breakup, I tearfully told my dad over the phone, “He was supposed to fix the flat tire on my bike.”

My dad said, “I know you’re not asking for advice right now,” (Remember? That’s a thing I say sometimes?) “But it’s just easier to buy a new inner tube.”

So. As part of my post-break-up recovery, my dear friend Hanne took me to Target. Where they were sold out of the 26″ inner tubes!

Instead of crying again, I ordered online. I watched one YouTube video, got the basic idea, and changed the tire all by myself. I didn’t even use tools–including men.


Have you ever done accomplished something on your own that surprised you?

3 thoughts on “Fixing My Own Flipping Bike

  1. When quarantine began and my life basically turned into hours on my computer, I cracked my computer screen… the inner mechanisms were fine, but the screen had huge spiderweb-looking chunks falling out. I found the right screen on eBay, some electronic repair tools on Amazon, and saved a ton of money. Two weeks later I turned on a YouTube video and fixed my own computer!

    And definitely I definitely had no men to help me šŸ˜‰


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