I’m Not Writing

I’m not writing. I’m sitting on hold with my bank. I drank two cans of sparkling water today, and I want another even though it’s not even two. Does it matter how many sparkling waters I drink in a day? No. Except I’m trying to make this twelve-pack last all week. Because money.

I didn’t really eat lunch. I had a good breakfast. Well, good-ish. My normal breakfast is sourdough toast with two fried eggs, a priobiotic drink, half an orange (or a whole tangerine), and a half an avocado. But, I got free food this week, and I’m eating that instead. Apple with peanut butter, wheat toast with egg, and wheat toast with butter and jelly. Still pretty yummy and decently healthy. I had a little cheese on my eggs today.

I put one sparkling water in my car for a reward after my work meeting today. I had another for my lunch/snack hybrid. (Potato chips and a protein bar.)

I wrote in my daily plan today that this time would be a break: walk, snack, write. I got a few little things done in my break time, and I had a short walk this morning already. So, I called the bank.

My last paycheck arrived, and I paid ALL THE BILLS. Then, suddenly, I was over-drafted on my account. The online banking thing said my check might take up to three days to post to my account. Not counting the weekend, today should be day three. Still a negative balance.

So, I called. They removed the overdraft charges then put me on hold for the “deposit holds team” to find out why my money hasn’t posted. Now the notice online says that they’re having some sort of delay getting the money from the issuing bank. I hate that this is my problem.

The first time I waited for the holds team, the line went silent for twenty minutes, and I finally hung up to call back. Now, I am waiting again, but at least there’s hold music. The automated voice told me about twenty minutes ago that it could be a forty minute wait. There’s been no update on the wait time. So, I’m doing nothing with this time.

Except, I guess I am writing.

I’ve also just gotten a Facebook ad for a free software for writers called “Papyrus Author.” I’ve heard of Scrivener, but I am sticking to good old-fashioned Word until further notice. I decided to look up reviews, so I’m watching one of those now.

Only leave if you are attended.

My call has lasted 38 minutes so far.


Also, just for the record, I schedule my blog posts to publish later than I write them–usually by about it week. By the time you read this, the problem will be resolved.

And it was! Ten minutes after I finished writing this, the hold was removed, and I had my money.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Writing

  1. I bought Scrivener a while back and watched a handful of YouTube tutorials. I have not used it to it’s full potential, but it is a nifty little software to help organize your writing.


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