The Plan: Week Two

I had a plan. How did it go? Did I write a story every day? Does it work? What else did I learn? Should my plan change?

The Plan for Each Day

  • Get tea and/or water
  • Use the Restroom
  • Dress comfy
  • Get adequate lighting
  • Make the room the right temperature
  • Turn phone on silent
  • Open two docs—One for freewriting and the other for a story
  • Write for an hour or until a two-page story is complete

Day 1

I was surprised how emotional I felt. When I began, I felt so discouraged I wanted to cry.

But after spending almost an hour in the world and with the characters I’ve been trying to write for years, I felt so happy. Before I knew it, I had three pages down. So, success? But, I wanted to nail down a full plot in two pages. So, failure?

Success. It was day one. I learned how I work best. And I got a lot of important backstory down for my protagonist. That was a weakness in my story. She now has a reason to act, a deep need that I hadn’t created for her before. So . . . success?

Day 2


I had some unease today. Unrelated to writing. But it made it hard to get things down on paper. Still, I wrote a story out in two pages, and I am very happy about it.

Day 3

I didn’t sleep well. I didn’t start writing until late in the evening. And I started with blog posts instead of my daily story.

Turns out my story from Day 1 only needed about five hundred more words. I have the overall structure to work from now.

Day 4

I discovered a space-opera I had started as a teenager and decided to rework that.

I tried to write it according to the Hero’s Journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell. I got two pages down, but I still have four steps left. Something to start with for tomorrow!

This story is bringing up issues of healthcare, classism, corruption in government, and war profiteering. I didn’t even realize what I was writing back then!

Also, a cover I made for fun back in the day:

Day 5

I finished yesterday’s outline while in the airport. And I came up with an idea for what to write tomorrow.

I’m tempted to jump ahead. To write tomorrow’s story. To start next week’s research. But I’m the kind of person who is driven and has to actively give myself permission to take breaks or go slow so I don’t feel guilty. Also, I don’t want to burn out. I want to always have an idea to work on tomorrow. Maybe later in my writing career I will go to the max every day, but I picture that being when it’s my primary source of income. For now, consistency is my goal.

Day 6

I wrote and scheduled a blog post this morning right after breakfast. And that topic inspired another post that I’ll finish after I do today’s story.

I didn’t start on my story until almost midnight. I wrote out a lot of planning, but didn’t finish the story itself before I got too tired and went to bed.

Day 7

I finished yesterday’s story, and I am pleased with how inspired I have been this week. I got four short stories down, even though my plan was one per day. Still, four novel ideas, all of which could have sequels, that’s great.

I learned that I can burn out on one idea or topic. I sometimes get a lot down, but I need to leave and come back to take the next step and have fresh ideas.

Week 3

The plan for Week 3 is to research publications that might want me to write an article. I’d like to find three a day. And I would like to write a sample article every day so that when it’s time to submit, I have something to revise and work on.

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