Making the Time

Learning from Laura

I listen to three podcasts by time-management expert, Laura Vanderkam: Before Breakfast, The New Corner Office, and The Best of Both Words. She is probably most famous for her book 168 Hours. However I first learned about her when the principal at a school where I taught music gave everyone–or maybe just all the women?–another of her books, I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time.

I found this book very interesting. Vanderkam had a certain number of women who had children at home and worked jobs making at least six figures track their time. She analyzed how they got everything done. Yes, money helps. Yes, many were married and in two salary homes. However, they still had large demands on their time from their families and careers, just like we all do. One thing I remember is the idea of a split-shift. For example, maybe you work five hours at the office, come home all afternoon and evening, then do another three hours working from home after the kids go to bed.

Vanderkam and a friend of hers, physician Sara Hart-Unger have a podcast called The Best of Both Worlds where they discuss dealing with the world of career and the world of home and how to deal with them both. In some ways, this is a frustrating topic because women are still expected to be the primary caregivers of children and homemakers, and, thus, people don’t ask men how they balance career and family. But even that is a topic they discuss.

Routine Talk

Every few months Vanderkam and Hart-Unger discuss their daily or morning routine on the podcast. The routines change because both women are raising kids who grow and have different needs as time progresses. The routine discussions hose are some of their most popular episodes. Why do you think that is?

Knowing yay, I thought you may be interested in my routines. I’ve been cultivating my own Morning Routine and Bedtime Routine, and I thought I’d share the iterations I’ve had over the course of the pandemic.


Are you interested in learning about other people’s routines?

Do you have your own routines?

Do you make a point to learn about time management?

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