The Plan: Week One

It’s been one week since you looked at me, dropped your arms to the sides and said, “I’m sorry.”

Barenaked Ladies, One Week

I had a plan. How did it go? Did I write every day? Does it matter? Did it do anything good for me?

Blog Beginning

I told my friend Hanne that I really wanted to get serious about my writing career. I said I would use some of the things I learned my my screenwriting class this summer about how to create better plot structure. I told her about the first two weeks of my plan: Week One, write every day; Week Two, write a short story based on the outline I got in class every day.

I wondered aloud if I should do something to increase my public image as a writer. How can I do that out of nowhere? Start a blog sounded like an obvious answer, but what would I write about?

“Everything you’re telling me right now,” Hanne said.

She said that every time she spends time with me, she learns another aspect of my life that is interesting. I went to NYU. I perform in operas. I lived in Montana. I taught college. You know. My boring life.

She said she would love to read my blog. So. Why the heck not?

Thank you, Hanne, for encouraging me.

Blog Benefits

I did write every day, and it was on this blog. I have the next eight posts scheduled on this blog, which means I was writing at least two posts a day.

Feeling like I am writing to an audience of readers really helps my motivation. So, thank you for reading. Double thank you for commenting. Triple thank you for sharing my blog.

I’ve learned that afternoon is when I feel the most motivated to write. I like to make writing time the first block after I finish my morning routine.

I’ve also had practice allowing my writing to be bad.

Week Two

I’m a little daunted about Week Two, to write a short story every day. That starts tomorrow! I thought I would try to make a list of unfinished stories and story ideas. Snag seven of those, and ta-da, I have inspiration for each day.

I have three ideas. Gwen the Great. Reagan Redmoon. Beyond Blackmine. I like alliteration.

Is that really all? I feel like I have so many books inside me, and I can only come up with three story ideas? All three of which I have tried to start but never finished.

I do think that Gwen and Blackmine could each be a series. Reagan Redmoon, I’m not even sure that it is a story I want to pursue anymore.

Hanne said that it’s okay if I feel overwhelmed to do a short story every other day.

And Beyond

Week Three: In this week, I want to find at least three resources a day for writing articles. Publications, blogs, freelancing resources, etc. I will also write a sample article each day for at least one of the resources or publications I’ve found.

Week Four: Write act outlines for my short stories to turn into novels.

Week Five: Research how to write better articles. Write and Rewrite articles for freelancing.

Week Six: Start writing on my novel(s).

Week Seven: Start developing relationships or cold-calling to write articles.


How are you doing on pursuing your passion?

4 thoughts on “The Plan: Week One

  1. Sarah, my goodness! I am so happy your blog has given you an outlet for your obviously oh-so creative mind! I can’t wait until you share more of your creative writing and your passions 😀


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