About a year ago, I felt like writing fan-fiction, but I thought it was too silly to actually spend my precious time on. I eventually decided that I wanted to practice my writing, and this would be a fun way to do it. But, now I realize that “because I feel like it” is sometimes a good enough reason. Especially for someone like me who is purpose-driven and goal-oriented and productivity-motivated and needs to be reminded to take a break and have some fun.

My very first fan-fiction writing happened when I didn’t know fan-fiction was a thing. I re-wrote the romance of Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I love Star Wars. I had been so excited to watch a forbidden romance play out, and it was just not satisfying.

My deepest apologies to you, readers, and to myself that I lost that file! Maybe as an exercise I will try to write it again.

But, my intentional foray into fan-fiction was at a time when I was hungry for romance. I didn’t want to participate in romance and risk getting my heart broken (oops), but I did want to watch it and read it and write it.

And my deepest philosophy is that people write fan-fiction mostly to satisfy their need to see two characters fall in love! And, naturally, at varying levels of adult content.

I’ve been working on a novel off and on about an aspiring actress who discovers her superpower and uses it to produce her own show until she has to face a super villain. Then superhero tropes ensue. Once her show is successful, someone starts writing racy fan-fiction about her and that becomes a potential marketing tool.

Comment to guess or beg to find out what kind of fan-fiction I have put online.

Do you write fan-fiction? Tell me all about it.

4 thoughts on “Fan-Fiction

  1. Please share any and all Star Wars fan-fiction you have written! I once fell into the rabbit hole of Harry Potter fan-fiction, and it got….interesting.


  2. I love fan fiction! I started writing it years ago and even published some zones back in the day! You’re right, it’s a great way to cut your teeth writing. I’ve been writing original pieces the last few years and have a few books out but have such fond memories of fan fic!


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