Was I Plagiarized?

October 15, 2020

The First Phase Unboxing video is here! For context, please read Teenage Sarah’s Published Novel.

The short version is that I published a novel as a nineteen year old. And it’s terrible. But some other book by some other author is on sale on Amazon with the exact same summary as my book!

That book is called The First Phase by Vicky Chatten, and it’s also published by Publish America.


I bought it.

And the unboxing video is here. Did someone plagiarize my terrible book?

You may have already seen this preview . . .

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Marie Kondo Vs. The FlyLady Vs. The Home Edit Pt. 2

October 20, 2020

KonMari Vs. the FlyLady


  • Getting rid of clutter–Kondo advices tossing most papers, and FlyLady agrees tat clutter must be gotten rid of, not organized
  • You must do the tidying and decluttering yourself–and you are empowered to do it


  • FlyLady wants you to tidy up little by little, Marie Kondo says you should do it all at once as a big event.
  • Marie Kondo has you thank items that don’t spark joy as you give them away, but FlyLady has you get rid of stuff with cute games like the 27-Fling Boogie.
  • FlyLady advocates using the emails, routines, decluttering, and zone-cleaning essentially forever, but Marie Kondo says that one tidying event is enough and you will maintain it if you do it correctly.

FlyLady vs. The Home Edit


  • One small step at a time
  • Accept less than perfection
  • certain products are necessary


  • The Home Edit will organize your clutter, FlyLady insists you can’t organize clutter, you must get rid of it
  • FlyLady is more about cleaning, The Home Edit is about organizing
  • The Home Edit is about organizing your stuff, FlyLady is about organizing your time.
  • FlyLady products are for cleaning, The Home Edit products are for organizing.

The Home Edit Vs KonMari


  • Folding clothes and setting them vertically
  • organizing by color
  • loving your space
  • Living in an organized space brings joy
  • Once you’ve tidied, you’re likely to maintain it because of the joy it brings


  • The Home Edit can be hired to tidy for you, but Marie Kondo requires you to do it yourself.
  • Marie Kondo’s method is more spiritual, and The Home Edit is very
  • The Home Edit loves product for organizing and containing, but Marie Kondo insists you don’t need to buy any organizing products

Similarities in all three

  • Cleaning and tidying is important because it can help you feel happier as a person.

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